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**Each workshop is attended by a skilled artist that will take you step by step towards your creation. 
*Customized workshops available based on your needs


Children/Homeschool Groups


*Participants must be 5 years of age and up.  All materials provided (including tables)

-Clay Fairy House

-Clay Fairy Door

-Clay Leaf Printing

-Sea Plates

-Lil'Monsters Clay Sculptures

-Greek Black/Red Figure Pots

-Native American Pinch Pots

-Texture Tiles

-Michelangelo's Eye of David

-Bead Making

-Medieval Castles

Ceramic/Clay Masterpieces for Adults and Teens

-Coral Planters

-Tree Stump Planters

-Marbled Porcelain Pinch Pot Bowls

-Clay Flowers for the Wall

-Porcelain Jewelry Pendants

-Coral Spice Bowl/Spoon Set 

-Sea Plates

-Fairy Houses

-Fairy Doors


-Beer Taster set of 3

-Wine/Beer Bomber Cooler

-Landscape Plates

-Slab-Built Flask

-Tree Faces

-Tree Ring Bowl

-Slab-built Stein

-Wall Hanging Flower Faces

-Wood Textured Treat Tray

During our Clay/Ceramic workshops:

Tables, tools, clay, and underglazes are provided. Artists will create their pieces, and Mobile Masterpieces will deliver finished work with a clear glaze.

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