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Ceramic/Clay Masterpieces


Masterpiece Menu

**Each workshop is attended by a skilled artist that will take you step by step towards your creation. 


-Coral Planters

-Tree Stump Planters

-Marbled Porcelain Pinch Pot Bowls

-Clay Flowers for the Wall

-Porcelain Jewelry Pendants

-Coral Spice Bowl/Spoon Set 

-Sea Plates

-Fairy Houses

-Fairy Doors

During our Clay/Ceramic workshops:

Tables, aprons, tools, clay, and underglazes are provided. Artists will create their pieces, and Mobile Masterpieces will return finished work with a clear glaze.

Mixed Media Masterpieces

*This Portion is under construction. 

Children/Homeschool Groups


*Participants must be 5 year of age and up. No more than 8 children per group. All materials provided (including tables)

-Clay Fairy House

-Clay Fairy Door

-Clay Leaf Printing

-Sea Plates

-Lil'Monsters Clay Sculptures

-Abstract Alcohol Inks

Painting Masterpieces

-Beach Landscape

-City Skyline at Night

-Mountain Scene

Painting Masterpieces will be done using acrylic paints. Tables, Paint, Canvases, and Brushes will be provided.

Alcohol Ink Masterpieces


-Abstract Alcohol Ink Creations

-Alcohol Ink Landscapes

Alcohol Inks are bright, concentrated inks that are alcohol based. They are used on ceramic tiles, glass, and a special synthetic paper called YUPO. 

This medium lends well to beginners as the inks effortlessly show their beauty in abstract methods.

Tables, Alcohol Inks, Yupo Paper, and everything you will need is included for you to take home YOUR masterpiece.